some amazing pilot updates

We have some exciting updates in the works for you. Check out the video below!


It's been just over three years…

That's when Muse first launched online, and when you chose to reach out and support out mission to change the way stories are told.

Since then:

  • we've launched, and iterated on, a proprietary storytelling app
  • we've reached nearly 4,000 people with the Muse Course
  • we've taught senior creatives at Apple and just recently got back from teaching diplomats at the United Nations in Geneva
  • AND we launch Muse Film School, a powerful filmmaking adventure of a lifetime

Your support has helped us reach millions of people through the education we've done and the stories that have been created.

In the coming weeks we'll have a significant update to Muse Storytelling–one thats packed with lots of powerful updates that will be totally free to all of our Pilots.

You'll get access to the entirely new course, what we're calling The Art & Science of Storytelling. It's Muse, but it's completely reshot, refined, and updated.

You'll find new modules on the science of story as well as modules on pitching the process and working with your clients.

You'll also get access to FIVE webinars where we're teaching the process live. A great opportunity to dig into the material, get refreshed, and connect to the community.

But to help make it all happen, and to help us get to that next phase, we need your help.

Please create a one minute selfie video (your smartphone or laptop camera are perfect) sharing your biggest win due to Muse.

It could be a big client win, a change in confidence, how your team works, or perhaps that film festival you won–whatever the case, please share that in a one minute selfie video by Sunday, July 1st at Midnight PST.

I can't state just how important getting this videos will be in the launch of the new course and in helping us generate the revenue to get Storybuilder and the Muse Community to the next level.

We have lots more we want to do and at the top of that list is building ways for all of you to connect and collaborate. 

I hope you'll take a few minutes to help support me, help support the team, and share your biggest win with us.

And yes, we need all of you to do this. Please dismiss those excuses on why you don't have to do it, pull out your phone, record what feels right, and you can drop the file on the box below.

Thanks so much!

-Patrick, on behalf of the whole Muse Team