the backstory

Just over a decade ago, Patrick and Amina founded Stillmotion in a University dorm room. What started as a passion for making a documentary turned out to be so much more.

We were a couple of psychology students with a desire to take all of the crazy stuff we were learning in school and make it into a documentary for those 'on the outside'.

Amina had a deep background in photography and would teach Patrick the basics of exposure and composition in between classes.

A friend of a friend got sick and we ended up filming our first wedding. That led to the idea of filming weddings as a way of paying for the rather expensive filmmaking hobby. The key distinction for us was that it was never about the wedding. It was always about the people.

One wedding got noticed by Canon and turned into a national commercial. It was crazy times. The spot aired during primetime shows like Grey's Anatomy and House.

Another wedding went viral and caught the attention of the NFL. Yep, no idea why the NFL was creeping out Vimeo channel, but it led to a year-long contract. Pete Radovich of CBS noticed the work we were doing for the NFL and the rest, as they say, is history.

A Game of Honor went on to win 3 Emmy's and brought in phone calls from some of the top brands across the globe. We quickly became the experts in telling beautiful and authentic stories with real people. If you had a couple hours with Phil Mickelson and needed a powerful film, we were the ones Callaway called.

Now, many years later, we're about to debut our firth feature-length documentary. Out of that journey, Muse was born. If you feel so inclined you can read that story here.

Below you'll find all of the documentaries we've been involved with, along with the stories behind them.



the new hustle

Our latest documentary follows the human stories behind three of Australia's fastest growing startups.

While the film is set in Australia, it's not an Australian story. Commissioned by one of our long-time clients, we produced, directed, and did post-production for The New Hustle.

We're currently aiming for an iTunes release in August of 2017. Check out the trailer below.



The journey of a 9-year-old trying to fight one of the worlds darkest evils with lemonade.

Our studios first feature-length documentary. What started out as a 5-minute passion project turned into a feature-length film that took across across the world.

#standwithme was a $250,000 investment into our first film. While we submitted to Sundance early in the post-process and didn't get in, we ended up travelling with this film across 30 cities for a premiere and workshop tour.

You can view the making of film here. 


Our Journey Home

The story of homelessness and public housing in America as told through the eyes of three families struggling to survive.

Our Journey Home was our second original feature which was funded by a non-profit in the public housing space.

As we were touring with #standwithme, they had seen how we used story to approach the dark topic of slavery and reached out to see if we'd be interested in making this film.

We were hired to produce, direct, film, and do post-production on the film. More than that, they trusted us to develop the creative in a way that would deliver on their objectives–raising awareness and connection for the challenges surrounding public housing.


A Game Of Honor

AGoH chronicles the experiences of student athletes at West Point and Annapolis as they prepare to serve their country and participate in a rivalry unmatched by any other in sports--the Army-Navy football game. 

In many ways, this film put us on the map. Pete Radovich, the director of the film, saw some of our work for the NFL, and reached out asking if we'd want to do a test shoot at Quantico, Virginia.

That one shoot turned into the opportunity to DP and provide the camera work for the full film.

A Game of Honor went on to win 3 Emmy-Awards.


I'm Fine, Thanks

a movie about complacency, or why so many settle for mediocrity in their everyday life at the expense of a greater passion.

IFT was our first foray into documentary filmmaking. We originally turned down the opportunity to DP the film (for reasons you can hear about in this podcast), only to offer to do the post-production as the film was coming together.