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STORYTELLING SUMMIT: Leadership & Directing

  • Muse Storytelling 107 SE Washington St Portland, OR USA (map)

Your people, your crew, they will always be your greatest asset. 

The Navy SEALs call it the 40% rule. When you think you’re done, when you think you’ve given everything you have–you’re actually only at 40% of your true ability. It’s up to the director to unlock that massive well of potential in each and every crew member.

This is what exceptional directors do. They are able to pull each and every member into a space where they can create well beyond their everyday abilities.

But it’s more than the words you say. It’s a way of being. A way of instilling confidence, connection, and passion. A way of lighting a fire inside each and every person to push past the challenges, past their own limits, and give you everything they have.

This Storytelling Summit is will expose you to the leading research on how to be the most effective leader you can be. But more than just ideas, our Storytelling Summits are about putting the ideas into practice, learning by doing, to ensure that you leave the weekend a far better leader.

Only 16 spots available, allowing for an intimate and interactive experience.


The Secrets Of Successful Directing

Understand how influence and cognitive biases work along with the 4 elements of high-performing teams.


Leading and Inspiring Your Team

Learn how to emotionally move your team and client to connect them to the vision and expand their abilities.


Effectively Communicating Your Vision

Practice the communication patterns and habits of highly effective leaders. How to delegate, resolve conflict, and always drive the best result.

April 7th & 8th from 9:00-6:00PM.

Just 16 spots. $1,697/person

A two-day Storytelling Summit at the Muse Storytelling studio located in Portland, OR. Each day runs from 9:00-6:00 PM with a special wrap dinner on Sunday evening from 7:00-9:00PM.

Our Directing Summit is all about helping you leave with the skills and tools needed to be the best director possible. 

All of our Storytelling Summits are broken down into a series of workshops each day, where you learn a technique and then immediately practice it with the group. It’s the immediacy of learning an idea and then implementing it that leads to real growth over the course of the Summit. 

Breakfast and lunch are provided Saturday and Sunday. Accommodation recommendations are provided upon registration.