Why Do You Tell Stories?

This post is going to be shorter than most everything else you'll read on this blog, but perhaps you'll find it to be disproportionately impactful.

I just want to ask you one simple question. Why do you tell stories?

Think about it. You're here, reading this right now, because presumably you're deeply interested in making films and telling stories as your career.

But why? Why not dentistry, architecture, plumbing, or any of the other ways people make their living? What is it that drives you to tell stories, even though it's certainly not the easiest or most lucrative way to generate income?

Are there certain types of stories you're compelled to share with the world? Or maybe it's one specific story that you just have to tell. Or perhaps it's just the larger idea of storytelling that ignites your passion. Whatever it is, you should post it down in the comments.

So take a moment and dig deep. Why do you, awesome person reading this, want to tell stories?

Why it's important to have a strong why

Frederick Nietzsche once said something along the lines of, “He who has a why can endure any how.”

He was right. If you know exactly why you want to tell stories, and you're deeply connected to that reason, it will fuel you. It will make it possible to put up with all of the obstacles and hurdles that you will inevitably face. And believe me, there will absolutely be obstacles. And there will be failures. Plenty of them.

Yet when you have a strong why, it gives you motivation, fortitude, and resilience for the times when things don't go your way. Your why will make it easier to ignore all the haters who don’t like your work, and you'll be able to withstand all the gatekeepers who tell you “no.” Your why makes it possible to weather any storm and come out stronger on the other side.

Basically, having a strong why turns you into someone who’s unstoppable. And the world needs as many unstoppable storytellers as it can get.

So, again, think about why you want tell stories, and then share your why with us down in the comments.