10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss The [SEE] Event March 10th!

A great story can sweep you up, send you spinning, and leave you altogether changed.

It's our belief that a well-told story can change the world. If you've been hanging out in our neck of the woods, you've likely heard that before.

[SEE] is our expression of that belief. It goes from talk to action.

By bringing together world-class storytellers and experts in the science of storytelling, we're hoping to open your eyes to see what story is, why it matters, and how you can use it to benefit your life.

With just a couple of weeks away from the event, our inboxes are being flooded with questions.

By design, [SEE] is a different kind of event. So it's natural that many folks are curious about exactly what to expect so they can decide whether they should attend.

here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn't miss [see].

1. It’s one-of-a-kind.

You’ve been to conferences before, sure, but this is different. It’s a combination of immersive experiences, remarkable short film premieres, and some powerful Keynotes on the power of story.

2. You get to hear from Paul Zak.

This dude discovered Oxytocin as the moral molecule. He just won Harvard Business Review's Warren Bennis Prize. His TED talk has over 2MM views. He knows his stuff, and will be doing a Keynote at [SEE]. You’ll be one of the first in the world to see the unveiling of his new Immersion Platform that can measure your engagement to content in real time.

3. An interactive workshop with Ponderosa & Thyme.

Know what Ponderosa & Thyme means? Well, a ponderosa is a tree special for its ability to withstand forest fires. Animals find solace in the ponderosa amid the flames. And thyme is a herb that represents courage. Katie understands that creativity takes courage. Her inspiring workshop is a safe haven for people to explore their creative side. Check out the short film we made about her journey to build P&T. 

4. Marshall Davis Jones will be sharing some custom words with the crowd.

A world-famous spoken word artist who is known for mesmerizing his audiences with the power of his voice, Marshall will be unveiling a custom piece at [SEE]. Check out a film we did with Marshall a few years back that hit over 2MM views on Vimeo. 

5. A food experience like no other with Tournant. 

Appealing to all five senses, Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson— the classically trained chefs that operate Tournant— turn a meal into an experience. Known for their emphasis on live-fire cooking and hands-on communal feasts, they tell captivating stories on how the food on your plate came to be. Watch, smell, listen, touch, and ultimately taste the goodness they will be serving.

6. Five films that will inspire you to do more with your craft.

30 filmmakers from Muse Film School traveled across the world in pursuit of the best story they’ve ever told. What they came back with is nothing short of remarkable. Meet several of the characters featured in the film, and hang with the Film School teams. 

7. An exploration of Narrative Transportation.


I’ll be doing my Keynote on the idea of Narrative Transportation. What it is, why you need to know about it, and how it makes you as the storyteller incredibly powerful.
Understanding this concept helps you understand how story can lead to a change in behavior and perspective. Don’t just say ‘a well-told story can change the world’. Learn the mechanics of how story actually works to create real change inside your audience. I am SO pumped for this. 

8. It’s a 50,000 sq foot playground!  

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11.37.59 AM.jpg

The NW Field Office here in Portland is an innovative take on what a work space can look like. [SEE] will be the inaugural event to celebrate the opening of these two buildings. We’ve been granted two floors to set up the immersive and theatre experiences.

9. Bourbon and an after party.


Hang with the whole Muse team afterward, nerd out on story, and enjoy some great bourbon. Hang with the film directors, meet the presenters and film characters, and have a great time with a community of passionate storytellers. Your ticket to [SEE] also includes access to the VIP after party.

10. It’s just $79.

When we tried to decide on the price of [SEE], we started with a much higher price point. With experiences/workshops from Muse, Tournant, and Ponderosa & Thyme, that alone is an exceptional value. A meal at Tournant is equal to the ticket price, and Katie’s workshops are many times more than this. Plus, you get time with Muse. And then on top of that, you get the 2-hour theatre experience with the film premieres and keynotes. Our biggest problem with the $79 ticket price is that many folks don’t realize just how epic this event will be.

I hope to see you March 1oth at what will be a historic night for Muse.

We'll also be having a webinar this Friday at 1:00 PST where you can learn more about [SEE] and ask questions. You can reserve your free spot for that webinar right here.