A Muse Valentine's Day Story

A few weeks back, a message landed in our facebook inbox.

Now, we get a lot of messages about all sorts of different things, but this one in particular caught our eye.

It came from a filmmaker out of Sacramento named Jeremy Wayland, and it had the headline, "It works!! It really works!!!" 

Jeremy then shared a heartwarming story about how he had used the Muse Storytelling Process in a spur of the moment project with his wife, and how that project inspired real world change and brightened up Valentine's Day for kids who are spending the day in the hospital.

Soon enough, Jeremy's message rocketed through the company, and it left all of us stoked about the work we're doing here. It's just such a great example of how Muse is being used by real people in small, but not insignificant ways.

Anyhow, I wanted to share that message today, because in very few words, it manages to encapsulate what Muse is all about.

So without any further ado, here's Jeremy's story.

It works!! It really works!!!

Well, I know that you all know that. But, I just had an incredible experience with the implementation of Muse Storytelling techniques and I had to share it. 

A little back story… my wife heard about this amazing event on the radio where they are urging local Sacramento people to create Valentine’s Day cards that will be gathered and delivered to children in the who are in the hospital and can’t celebrate with their friends or classrooms.

She knew she wanted to participate, but having our family do some cards alone just wasn’t enough… she wanted to get everyone involved. She took to Facebook with a beautifully written post urging our friends and family to participate but was met with utter disappointment when there was little response. 

Enter Muse. I was distraught at her heartbreak when she was coming to the realization that this might not turn out like she had expected. I knew there was something I could do.

I thought to myself… what would Stillmotion do? You’d make a video!

I had already done my listening without even realizing it. I felt her passion for this… I just needed to help her express it. With little time to waste I started ramping my mind through the four pillars and I knew she was the Heart.

I brought out the camera and started shooting that morning… we did her interview while our children napped… and I finished the edit that afternoon. 

In less than 24 hours, her post had received over 3,000 views… all across the country.

People from New York, Texas, Colorado, Washington started commenting how they want to help too. Today, she has just over 5,100 views on the video. The DJ from the radio station even heard about it and shared it as well.

However, what really got me was when she started getting tagged in photos from people with their children creating these cards the very next morning.

The response was real. It worked.

Her passion was there, but she just needed a vessel to express it. And that’s exactly what Muse did.

I’m a Muse pilot and a longtime fan, but I must say this is my favorite experience with Muse. Thank you all for the effort you have put in over the past few years developing this… It’s working in more ways than you can imagine!

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