Our TEDxTalk. How To Unleash Your Inner Superpower – Story

As filmmakers we can get so tied up in telling the stories of others that we often forget to tell our own. The cobbler's children have no shoes, right?

On our website, when we meet clients, when we enter into a pitch for a big job–these are all times where story can undoubtably connect in a deeper way, yet we often give these stories the time and care they desire.

When I was invited to give a Tedx talk in nearby Salem, I wanted it to be something that could help the audience (who are not filmmakers) better understand story and how to be empowered by it.

And so that brought me to two concepts that are both seemingly simple, yet rather complex. Two things that can truly help you tell stories that engage and connect.

It's very exciting for me to be able to share this Tedx talk with you. For me, this was one of those life goals you write down, file away, and work towards making happen 'one day'. I was hella nervous in the days leading up to this. The morning of I was able to take comfort in the dozens of revisions and rewrites that had gotten me to that point and I was able to simple let go and enjoy it.

How to unleash your inner superpower–story. A Tedx talk.