The Muse Film School Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Muse Film School launched last week and we've been hosting webinars, doing consult calls, and reviewing heaps of awesome applications.

Muse Film School is a serious investment at $5,000. As you can imagine, we're getting a lot of questions about the nitty gritty of how it all works. 

Here are the top 10 questions our community is asking about muse film school.


Throughout Muse Film School we will discuss and demonstrate what we believe to be the most critical aspect of the technical side: how to make your decisions—whether lighting, lens choice, movement, and so on—with intention.

This is far more critical to truly get than the multitude of gear combinations and how it all works.

There will be filmmaking activities you can try, as bonus activities, to practice your filmmaking and to get feedback.

In terms of more formal filmmaking instruction, we will have individual workshops for each of the main production roles–producer, director, DP, Gaffer, Audio, and editor. You are required to attend the workshop for your role but all of the workshops are fully available to you (live webinars that are recorded).

In the field, we will have the Muse team there to support and challenge all technical decisions. We’ll support in helping you make the most of everything you’re trying to capture and we’ll challenge you by ensuring all decisions are being made with intention.



Muse Film School is suitable for filmmakers from beginner to advanced. Due to the two-tiered nature of support, both your coach and the Muse Team, we will adapt the experience to each participant so that we can meet you where you’re at and challenge you appropriately.

The single biggest factor we look for is desire, a real strong passion to be the best filmmaker and storyteller you can be. If you have that, we can help push you further than ever before.

If you love telling stories with real people, whether that be nonprofit, documentary, weddings, commercial, or corporate–then Muse Film School can help you go to that next level.


We ask you to plan for a half day per week, which includes showing up to the webinar and the follow-up activities. We have designed the webinars so that we can play the educational videos during them, meaning that you need to show and be present, but you don’t need to do the learning alone.

Of course, there is room to go deeper and there will be bonus activities, but a minimum of 4 hours/wk is a solid time to block off.

When we get to production, there is a 3 week production period in which you will have a 3-day production - to be scheduled by your producer with you and your team - 1 day of pre-pro in the field and 2 days of production. Those days, of course, need to be fully blocked off.



We currently have 5 story locations of San Fran, Houston, New York, Japan (FULL), and Iceland. When you apply, you can choose to let us assign you to the story location or you can choose it yourself.

During the course of Muse Film School, each team member will be responsible for finding and making contact with strong potential characters and stories within their story location. These stories will be in the format of (a 5-8min short film focused on an inspiring lead character who has a powerful journey to share). Each team will pre-interview their lead characters and continue to develop their two strongest stories until the team takes a vote on which story they would like to bring into production. 

A huge part of the experience is in you finding and developing these potential stories with our support along the way. No part of the in-the-field film is pre-planned by Muse. We’re here to help you find and tell a real and remarkable story that the world needs to hear.



Muse Film School starts on October 2nd. You will be provided a detailed, week-by-week syllabus upon joining Muse Film School, but here are some of the most commonly asked for, key milestone dates:

  • Webinar times and dates: For the first three weeks of Muse Film School there will be webinars held every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 PM PST. Otherwise, you can expect weekly webinars for the following 9 weeks of Muse Film School to be held on Tuesdays at 1 PM PST. The only exception will be during production, in which we may change the date to accommodate group production schedules. 
  • Production dates: Your producer will be scheduling 3 days of in-the-field production with you and your team between the dates of November 13 - December 4. 
  • Holiday break: Muse Film School will break for the holidays from December 12 - January 1. You will have homework assigned to ensure you’re moving toward your goals even during this break. 
  • Premiere date: Graduation and the premiere of your group film in a local theatre is on January 20 in Portland, OR. An itinerary for the day will be provided closer to graduation.


There are two critical decisions for payment plans; whether you would like travel included, and how many payments you’d like your registration fee broken into.

During the course of Muse Film School, you’ll need to travel for the three day film production (unless you’re located in the story location), in addition to coming to Portland, OR for the final graduation and screening in a local theatre. To help make the logistics easier, we offer travel inclusive options (at an additional $1,500) in which we’ll handle your flights along with booking shared accommodations.

Payment plans are available in 1, 3, or 12 payment increments. All three plans are available with or without travel included.

If you choose to pay for your registration up front, we offer a 10% discount. That means $4,500 without travel, or $6,000 with travel included (note that the 10% is not applicable to the travel stipend).

Our most popular plan is to split your registration up over three payments, which is 3 monthly payments of $1,665 without travel, or $2,167 with travel included.

Our most accessible plan is a $1,000 deposit, and then 11 more monthly payments. That works out to be $400/mo without travel included, or $536/mo with travel included.



We have amazing partnerships with brands such as RØDE, Westcott, Zacuto, Cinevate, Wipster, FilmConvert, and many more. They are all providing multiple kits of gear to be used for Muse Film School.

In addition, LensProToGo is supporting with a $500 rental credit for all Film School teams, meaning that you’ll get to add more gear to your shoot (as long as it’s relevant).

Bringing your own gear certainly won’t be required or needed. Should you have something that adds to the story, you’re certainly welcome to bring it. But, of course, it must be story relevant.



Please see the question above about experience levels. Far more important than filmmaking experience is your level of desire.

Photographers have a huge advantage in moving into filmmaking in that you often have a strong understanding of composition, light, and how focal lengths affect an image. This can often lead to a photographer becoming a filmmaker with great intention due to this increased awareness.


We ask that you attend 12 of the 14 webinars live. We’ve scheduled them through the week, generally Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 1 PST to make it accessible to folks on both sides of the US, or overseas.

If you cannot make a webinar live, we ask that you reach out to your coach in advance to work on a plan on the best way to make it up. Everything is recorded and can be replayed. You get the greatest value from the program by showing up live so that you can ask questions and interact. Therefore, we work with your coach to try and have you there live for as many webinars as possible.


For the first three weeks, there are twice weekly webinars. After that, we move to weekly webinars. In addition, each group will have a weekly meeting to share their story development.

All webinars are live and interactive. You will also have a Slack channel where you can reach the Muse Team, your coach, and all other Muse Film School participants. Your coach will have office hours where you can set up a phone call or Skype meeting as needed.

Everything is designed to be very interactive and adaptive, so that you’re getting real support from the coaches, Muse Team, and other participants based on where you’re at in your career and your goals.

There are three days total scheduled for each group's film production. The first day is on-site pre-production where we’ll meet the characters in person, walk the locations, and review how we plan to achieve the story from a technical standpoint. The next two days are slotted for production. 

Following the production, the team’s editor will work work with the footage to bring the planned story to life. We’ll use Wipster to ensure the whole team gets to see every step of the edit and offer feedback.

In the end, we have a one-day graduation and screening in Portland, OR. Hosted in a local theatre, we invite the film community in and give each team a chance to premiere their film in front of hundreds at a real theatre. 

If you have any other questions about muse film school you'd like answered, feel free to leave them here.

And of course, if you'd like to learn more, sign up for a webinar with Patrick and Maddy, or just head on over here.