Storybuilder 3 Is Here! Help Us Share It & Win Some Free Filmmaking Gear

Yesterday was a monumental day for Muse Storytelling.

Just after 1pm, we lifted the lid on Storybuilder 3.0, a completely overhauled version of our custom software that helps filmmakers tell better stories, collaborate with their teams, and improve the bottom line of their creative businesses.

Between the slick new interface — which is way easier to use, especially if you don’t know the Muse process — and the significant boost in speed, we couldn’t be more proud of what Storybuilder has become. And we think it’s going to make the storytelling and collaboration process so much smoother and more enjoyable for filmmakers all over the globe.

To get an inside look at the launch and to hear more about the new features we've added, here's the replay of yesterday's live event.

If you don't have time to watch, the main gist of the event is that Storybuilder 3.0 is hands down one of the best things we've ever created, but it's also been an enormous investment. So we genuinely do need your help to share it with the filmmakers in your network who might benefit from it.

With that in mind, here’s the cool news for the day.

When you help us spread the word about Storybuilder, we’ll not only give you some free storytelling education, but you’ll also be entered into a giveaway to win some of our favorite filmmaking gear, including the Duzi slider from Cinevate and a MōVI M5 gimbal stabilizer.

Here’s how it works.

Just head over to this page, enter your email, and you’ll automatically be given a magical link to share with your filmmaking friends.

  • If one of your friends signs up for the free Storybuilder trial, we’ll give you our ebook on understanding the Hero’s Journey, one of the most influential and persistent story structures of all time. Plus you’ll get one entry towards winning the film gear.
  • If 3 of your friends sign up for the trial, you’ll get a free $97 storytelling course, as well as 3 entries into the giveaway.
  • And lastly, if 10 of your friends sign up, not only will you officially be the coolest human ever, but you’ll get a full $327 storytelling course from us completely free and 10 entries into the contest.

And that’s it! No purchases are necessary to enter and nobody has to keep using Storybuilder if they don’t like it. So if you’re interested in joining us and spreading the word, here’s the page to get in on the contest.

Oh, and make sure you try the new Storybuilder for yourself. We think you’ll dig it :)