A recap of [SEE] 2018 Event. Photos, videos, and more!

The word 'story' has become so overused, misused, and misunderstood that we all sat around our bland Ikea conference table one morning and said, "Ya know what...we need to put on an event to set the record straight!"

I had thought we'd take the films from Muse Film School, rent out a local theatre, and have a grand old time.

Then Sarah, our Head of Growth, came in and saw something so much bigger.

These films that were made, they were powerful, sure, but the process of making them also changed the storytellers. There was so much to be shared about the experience. And it was a window into a much larger world of what story really is, why it matters, and how it can drive change.

And so we set off to put on our first event. From scratch, in just 3 months. It was tough, ya, but certainly no worse than hearing yet another creative toss out the word story without having any real understanding of what the concept means.

Check out our film recap from the SEE 2018 event.

It was a special day that was only possible because of the support of so many incredible partners and supporters.

  • First up, a huge thanks to Benro for seeing our vision and being willing to help support us to make it happen. Their contribution helped us build the Storybooth, an immersive workshop that gave our guests the opportunity to workshop their own story and then be interviewed by our team of experts. Hit us up in the comments if you want more info on the Benro event special. It's a little too good to post it publicly, but we can email you the details.
  • Another big thanks goes to Field Office who opened their doors early for us to host their first event inside the new space! The architecture and design of the building created a unique experience for our guests! We're excited to see this building's future!  
  • LensProToGo, Ikan, and Gearhead Production Rentals for supporting us with gear to help make the Storybooth happen.
  • Katie Davis and Sarah Pearson of Ponderosa & Thyme for seeing the potential and power of this event, and for saying yes. And Katie, for your courage and vulnerability in sharing your story. 
  • Tournant, for elevating the experience to another level. For opening our eyes to the opportunity of creating incredible experiences that cultivate community and meaningful connection. 
  • The talented George Fox University Cinematic Arts students, who generously volunteered their time to orchestrate the event. This couldn't have been possible without their help, dedication, care, and attention to detail. 
  • Our photographers, Kyle Alton (www.1000wordsormore.com), Justin Grodem (www.justingrodem.com), Maddy Wignall, and Jonathan Echeverria.
  • Taylor Garber of Deux North Studios for the beautiful branding. (deuxnorthstudios.com)
  • Mary Dunford for the beautiful set design installation of the story arc. (mary-dunford.format.com)
  • Stevens IS Printing for the quality signage and movie posters.
  • To all of our local contributors who brought the community spirit into the event with their refreshments and gifts for our guests and VIP Master Class with Dr. Paul J Zak: 
  • Lion Heart Kombucha Jacobsen Salt Co.Alma ChocolatesHappy Mountain KombuchaNext Door DessertsConundrum GranolaMasala Pop PopcorAesthete TeaGround Up PDX

Here's a look at the event in photos.

A highlight for many of us was getting to see Martin Hill, the producer of Team San Francisco, get up and share his personal story.

Unlike most of the other filmmakers in Muse Film School, Martin was terrified to create his team's film. So much so, he nearly flew in from the UK and then got straight back on a plane home.

We are sure glad he didn't because the process of telling this story has helped him find his voice. And now that he has, far more people will be affected as a result.

Listen to Martin's inspirational closing keynote about his struggle with PTSD, the challenge in telling the most difficult of stories, and how those stories can change you.



For those of you that made it to [SEE] 2018, please share your favorite moment with us in the comments below!

Remember, story over stats! Bring us into a specific moment that really affected you :)