Our First-Ever Podcast: Chasing Remarkable

For two years, the Muse team has been working on a passion project that is near and dear to our hearts, but we hadn't figured out how to bring it to life... until now. 

We've considered many options: Patreon, Kickstarter, Sponsorship - but nothing felt like the right fit. 

So here we are, about to launch 8 episodes of our own original series, next week, with NO idea if we’ll make enough money to carry this project into a second season. 

These 8 episodes are all we have to bargain with - to generate enough intrigue, interest and financial support to keep this project alive. And we REALLY want it to survive. 

Patrick describes it as jumping off a cliff and trying to build the airplane on the way down. A strange mix of thrill and terror. 

And since we’re all about transparency, community, and most importantly, STORY, we want to bring you along for the ride. 

We created our first-ever podcast as a way to share the experience of launching this series while trying our hardest, against the odds, as a tiny but mighty team, to make Season Two a reality.  

Chasing Remarkable Podcast.jpg

If you’re a filmmaker, or a creative, or just someone who’s ever been deeply invested in the outcome of a project that you believe in - you’ll want to tune in. 

Patrick and Grant, old friends and Muse team members, hop on the phone and discuss it all in our pilot episode:

  • How we lost thousands of dollars and went into 5-figure debt from our first two original films
  • The single biggest factor that turned a couple of psychology students into Emmy-Award winning filmmakers
  • What drives us to continue with our own original series despite all the odds being against us
  • The origin story for the series, the models we considered thus far, and how we just might be able to pull this off
  • Plus, a preview of the episode that launches next week: Who the remarkable person is, how we found him, and how the heck we got him on board

Creating original content is no small task, and putting it out into the world - knowing it might fail, is kind of crazy!

We know this, and we don’t hold back in the podcast. We’re going to bring you along as we pitch to potential sponsors, share the episodes with as many people as possible, and work non-stop to secure the future of our series. 

This first podcast pilot goes deep - You can download the mp3 right on the page for easy listening on the go. It’s a great excuse to take a long walk! 

And don't forget to sign up on The Remarkable Ones page for updates on all upcoming episodes in the series.  

Above all, if you have a chance to listen, please take the time to share your thoughts in the comments section of the page. We love feedback, and it will help us direct the conversation as we continue with future podcast recordings. Let us know what you want to hear in the next episode - don’t worry, we’re not afraid to go there!

Thank you, Muse community, for joining us on this journey. We hope you like what you hear!