You're Invited On Set As We Make Our Next Feature

I woke up this morning with some monster jetlag. I like to think that I'm timezone agnostic these days, but a flight from Portland to Melbourne, or a time difference of 7 hours really kicks your ass. Yet despite that, I'm supposed to be diving into the storyboards for our next feature-length documentary. 

I've got the day set aside to review the creative and add in everything we've learned in the past weeks. The problem is, it feels like somebody dumped a tonne of quicksand into my head while I was sleeping.

We often romanticize the movie making process. For many of us, it's our dream to create a feature film that we're proud of and truly makes a difference. It's a wonderful thing to aspire to, but when you're on the inside, it surely doesn't feel nearly as romantic.

Things seem to go wrong daily...if not hourly. You're always fighting the budget. And no matter how much you plan, it always feels like you should have known more.

If you're curious what goes into making a feature-length documentary–the good, bad, and the ugly–join us as daily as we dive into production and take you on set with a daily blog.

The New Hustle, the working title of this documentary, will follow three Australian tech founders as they go from the garage to global world-changing companies valued at $100-450MM today.

When the vast majority of startups fail, why did they succeed? What sets them apart? And what does it take to build a company at this level?

Compared to our other features, what's totally unique about this film is how condensed our production period is. Over the course of 21 days in November we'll do most of the production for the film and head straight into post.

Because of that, it's an amazing opportunity to bring you behind-the-scenes and on set with us as the film comes together. 

Here's the sizzle reel for the upcoming documentary.

To be honest, I'm almost embarrassed to share the sizzle reel. I wish I had more time for sound design, for color, and to develop the story more. But I need to focus on the movie we're getting set to make and so here it is.

The daily blog kicks off with a Crowdcast this Wednesday, November 2nd, at 3:00pm PST. (if you missed the live event, sign up below for the recording!)

Live from our AirBnb in Melbourne Australia, I'll share:

  • The story of how the project came to be
  • The overall budget and timeline
  • Our initial creative (Keywords and Storyboards)
  • Our approach to the gear

I'd love if you could join with your questions and curiosities. Everything you share will help to shape the daily blogs over the next several weeks.

Sign up below for daily updates on the production as well as the live event this Wednesday. Even if you can't make it live, by registering you'll get access to the recording and you'll be able to download the creative overview of the film and the storyboards.

ps–thanks to Jesse Levine (@reelmotion) for providing the cover photo for today's post.