Never Settle. Always fight for what you want.

Can you remember the exact moments that define your life?

Those big ones that define who you are and what you're about.

I can.

And one of the biggest, for me, happened 547 days ago.


547 days ago is when I took one of the biggest leaps of my life.

It's hard to say when I first started to consider leaving my career at Disney Studios, something I'd spent 14 years at, and something that defined a big part of me.

It could have been the time it took me 2 ½ hours to go 15 miles from downtown LA to Venice.  Could have been that I constantly questioned my overall impact to those I was coming into contact with.

Every. Single. Day.  

And it could have been the time I was receiving an award for saving the company I worked at over $4 million dollars—I remember standing there holding this crystal award in front of all of my peers and thinking quite facetiously,  “you too can spend an entire year on an idea for this magic moment friends”.  

When I finally decided to take the jump, It was a bright, hot August morning, quite beautiful by LA standards.  The sky was clear and the palm trees swaying overhead in perfect unison.  As I locked the door to my beloved home, an overpowering surge of fear and emptiness poured over me.

What are you Effin doing?

I climbed into my car with my dear canine, Zara by my side and I drove 16 hours away to begin a new chapter of my life.

I know, you’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal?  Everyone ‘leaves’ home at some point.  Let me clarify, I’m not 18 or twenty-something.  I was 45 years old.

I was a 45 year old with a job I loved with loads of very close friends and family nearby and I lived in one of the most desired places in the world to live in.  I had a great life I created for myself right there and I was choosing to walk away from it with no idea what was next.

Not everyone was as convinced on the decision as I was.

“Are you out of your mind? Why would you do this, you have everything you need.  STUPID, just stupid.” Those were the words that came out of my father’s mouth when I told my family about my decision to leave.  

And they were the words on that August day that haunted all 16 hours of that drive.

Maybe those words haunted me because I failed to give my family or anyone for that matter a clear reason for my decision.  

I simply didn’t want to settle.  

I’d finally come to a point in my life where I felt compelled to make a big decision. Either stay in this dual zone of comfort-hazy-crazy city I’d created around myself or take a blind leap and see what this next journey had in store for me.  

I needed to get back to what I loved. 

And now, 547 days later, I'm a large part of helping the Muse Storytelling team in our mission to empower others with story.

This was certainly one of the biggest leaps I've ever made. And there is no point in taking that jump, if you're not going to make the most of wherever you land.

I believe in real in-person connections.

I believe in never settling.

I believe that life is an adventure, one that is best lived while asking questions and loving what every moment.

And so I couldn't be prouder to bring you a new offering from the team at Muse, and something I have personally led in bringing to life.

Today, I'm excited to bring you the opportunity to have a live Muse Workshop (or speaking engagement) for your group.

Now, that may seem a little over-dramatic, but I truly believe in the transformative power of story to bring people together and create change. And that's exactly what we hope to empower your team with.

We certainly are the stories that we tell ourselves. And often, when you try to change that story, when you try to create a new one for yourself, you'll be met with tons of resistance.

But this is your story to tell.

With that, I'd love to share a 14-minute talk Patrick gave recently at the Hero Round Table conference. 


So that's me. I'm Siouxsie Alarcon and I'm the Director of Operations here at Muse. And if you're interested in having our team come and work with you in person, I'd love to chat.

You can learn more about our speaking and workshops right here.