Muse Film School - What's It All About?

Ever feel like it’s always someone else who's scoring all of the five figure deals?

Alex Widmer sure felt that way -- until he landed a whale of a deal himself.

“I never would have imagined that I would have the confidence, passion, and clarity to carry out a large project for a client.”

But he recently walked into a pitch meeting with clients who were expecting to budget for a $10,000 project, and he walked out with a deal for a $70,000 project!

So… how’d he do it?

In his words:

“Everyone has a great camera in their pocket these days. If I compare myself with the gear I use, the prices I charge, or the experience I have, I'm no different than the guy down the street. Using Muse has shaped my perspective to think differently...
Now I have a process to follow that's provided me a career, income, and future for my family.”

This fall Alex is giving back, as a coach for Muse Film School. That means that along with 4 other filmmaking professionals, he’s spending twelve weeks to mentor 30 independent creatives as they learn the Muse Process, and put it into action.


Working both in the classroom and in the field, participants will come away with a well rounded understanding of what it takes to produce the kind of work that’s moving, purposeful, and visually stunning.

On top of that, they will film and produce an episode of Muse’s original documentary series, The Remarkable Ones, which thousands of people will watch and adore.

Watch the video below to learn more about Muse Film School, then apply to join Alex and the team for this life-changing experience.

Registration ends September 25, and remember: there are only 30 spots available.

apply today, and never make a crap video for crap pay ever again.