Level Up Your Filmmaking With a Free New Series from Canon + Muse

We’ve partnered up with Canon to bring you an entirely new series of filmmaking tutorials. And today is your chance to ensure we make the content that you’d like to see.

First, let me set up the backstory.

We had this tradition back in the early days of Stillmotion that proved to be critical to our overall success.

Once a year the cinema team would gather around and take some time to review where we were at. We’d go around the table with each team member sharing what they were proud of, and where they’d like to personally grow.

At the end, I’d wrap up with an overall focus for our filmmaking as a whole. One year, that goal was to move the camera more intentionally. To get away from using sliders the same way every shoot, or the overuse of the Steadicam. Another year (and this one went on to be a huge difference maker for us) the focus was to bring in more layers to our audio.

Having this focus, a clear goal for the team, helped us have a collective desire to push for. And it’s also how we overcame some of our biggest filmmaking weaknesses.

For many of you out there, you might not have that team to bounce ideas off, to get support, or find a collective focus with. 

In those cases, filmmaking can feel lonely at times. And overwhelming. So much to learn and manage, yet so little time.

Regardless of whether your team is small or large, we’d like to extend an invitation today to join the Muse team for a really exciting project.

We’ve partnered with Canon to bring you a whole series of filmmaking tutorials with the goal of helping you to ‘Level Up’ your filmmaking.

But in order to join our team for this initiative, we need to know what you’d like to focus on. We need to know how you’d like to level up your filmmaking this year.

So here’s how it works:

You fill out a short survey helping us get to know you and your filmmaking goals. More specifically, you’ll be helping us understand how you want to level up your filmmaking.

We’ll use your answers to find the common problems, questions, and desires and then craft a series of 5 filmmaking tutorials all around the theme of helping you to Level Up.

For sharing your time and wisdom with us today, you’ll get early access to the full series of tutorials plus a bonus thank you. Instantly download this ebook on One of The Most Valuable Filmmaking Skills You’ve Likely Overlooked–Listening.


This whole series won’t cost you a penny thanks to our friends at Canon. And yes, these will be real filmmaking tutorials with tons of great insight from our team. The more you share, the better they’ll be.

So please take 7 minutes today and fill out the survey. We’re moving into production soon, so the survey, and free bonus offer is up until Friday at midnight PST.

Just head on over to levelupyourfilmmaking.org or click the button below.

Before I go, one last little note.

We promised Canon we’d get at least 500 replies before moving into production–enough answers so we can really make this series memorable. But we can’t do that without your help. You, like most people, are probably going to think “wow, this sounds cool. I’ll let everybody else reply then check back with the tutorials are ready.”

Well it’s true you could do that, I’m extending this invitation to lend your voice and be an active member of the Muse community. Plus, we’ll really appreciate you helping us reach our goal of 500 replies this week.