The Official Public Launch of Muse Storybuilder

What's the number-one problem holding you back from telling those stories you're dreaming of? The ones that are dancing around in your head? For most of us, the answer is alarmingly simple: time.

We need more time to work with our limited budgets, manage our clients, and still develop our creative to a level that excites us.

So many of you would agree that it is within you to tell stronger stories. But if I handed you a library card with a lifetime membership, the odds suggest you'd rarely visit. The odds suggest you'd be even less likely to take home a book that would improve your skills and read it cover to cover.

Sure, a library may be antiquated, but it also has the works of Aristotle, Campbell, and so many others who are foundational to storytelling. Much can be learned at a fraction of the cost of the latest online training.

The downside? Time.

So if we truly want to transform how the industry builds its stories, it's simply not enough to help you tell stronger stories. We all want stronger stories, but we needed to find a way to allow that to happen within our ever-present time constraints.

That's where the process comes in. By leveraging the Muse process, we can break story down into the core elements of People, Place, Purpose, and Plot. Once story is broken down into its core elements, we can then provide objective methods for making the most of each, as well as some structure on how those elements can come together.

Now if that seems at all implausible to you, take a moment and dive into the world of project management. While there are a myriad of ways to manage a project, all of the methodologies share something in common. They start by breaking something larger into smaller pieces. Then they define the larger goal and work through the small steps.

That's what we've been creating with Storybuilder. It's software that breaks the big goal of story development into much smaller steps. It then helps you define your goal and work through each step with powerful story insights along the way.

It is incredibly difficult to not just tell strong stories, but also save time.

That's why we've spent nearly a year building Muse Storybuilder with expert developers. The result is a collaborative software to build your stories with unparalleled intention and clarity.

But don't take our word for it. Check out this demo of Storybuilder in action. Follow as we build out the real life story of Shane and Lydia Hurlbut.