How Kaleb Kohart Saved His Passion For Filmmaking

“Am I a ‘real’ filmmaker? Is all of this time I put into my craft… worth it?”

Kaleb Kohart wrestled with questions like that. After he brought his production studio back from the brink of shutting down, he was almost ready to quit -- again.

Even with some commercial success, he didn’t know if he could create the kind of films that he's really passionate about. The kind of films that excited him as a teenager, working with actual film and carbon arcs as a projectionist in Syracuse, Kansas.

Watch him tell his story -- see how he finally took that first step on his journey to becoming the kind of filmmaker he always wanted to be. 

Everything is coming full circle this fall, as Kaleb is becoming a Muse coach himself. And you could make a film with him at Muse Film School.

He’s out to help you become the type of filmmaker that you’ve always wanted to be, like his Muse coach did for him.

Join him on this journey, and develop your voice as a filmmaker.