Wanna know why most creative businesses fail...and what you can do about it?

There is a myth that is often swirling around our industry. I'm sure you've heard one version of it along your journey. 

It goes something like this:

If your work is good enough, it will sell itself. 

It's a pleasant thought. The trouble is...it's totally not true. And so many of us, both consciously and unconsciously, act as of it is.

The guys over at Studio Sherpas have called this the Creative Bias, which is the idea that we're so focused on our creative that we put way too little focus on actually running a healthy business.


These are the Sherpa dudes–Matt Davis and Ryan Koral. They're out to help creatives run their businesses better.


Here's what it looks like if you're falling prey to the Creative Bias:

  • when business is slow–rather than looking at ways to increase your leads and find more work, you're focused on how to make your work better
  • when you have constant challenges with clients–you're often feeling like the client just doesn't appreciate the work you've created
  • and when cash flow is tight–the focus is on more jobs and more work, instead of looking at where you're money is actually going and whether you have a healthy profit margin and efficient processes to maximize the work you do have

So it's confession time.

For years, Stillmotion fell victim to the Creative Bias...in a really, really large way. We were so focused on the look and feel of the work, on the story, and had little to no visibility on our numbers, margins, and whether what we were doing was actually sustainable.

We loved story and the work so much that we just didn't pay enough attention to anything else. But it really hurt us. It meant longer hours, more jobs we didn't like, worse pay for our team, and far less of the balance we'd all like to see.

So when Matt and Ryan called me asking for help on this idea to help creatives run their business better, it was certainly appealing to us. The business side isn't my passion–but helping other creatives live the lives they want and create better work certainly is.

If we could help them run with this idea and do more with it, it sure sounded like a win-win for everybody.

Today I have a part of the course we helped them develop.

Here's why over 96% of creative businesses fail.

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