How To Level Up Your Filmmaking With Muse & Canon

As a filmmaker, you probably find yourself watching a lot of tutorials.

But how often do you find that these tutorials only address the technical aspects of filmmaking, and totally ignore the role that story should have in deciding how you're going to shoot a scene?

Well, there’s good news:

Muse has partnered with Canon to create a series of tutorials that will show you how to level up your filmmaking.

You’ll learn how mastering camera movement techniques, choosing the correct lens, and equipping yourself with the correct camera for your film will take your storytelling ability to the next level. We created these tutorials specifically with the story in mind, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We worked with Canon to create 4 video tutorials that teach you how to level up the following aspects of your filmmaking:

  • Leveling Up Your Camera Movement

  • Mastering Advanced Movement

  • Leveling Up The Look

  • Stepping Up Your Lens Game

Watch the first tutorial below:


We’re delivering the tutorials in an email course. You’ll get one email every day for the next three days.

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