How to craft your own story and attract the right clients

Here at Muse, we wholeheartedly know that story can elicit emotions, sculpt opinions, drive actions, and build connections (after all, that’s why we do what we do).

We also know that, in order for it to do so, the story first needs to be told. And, we understand the challenges filmmakers face when securing the means to tell the world’s stories.

Whether you’re a documentary filmmaker trying to obtain funding for your next big film, or bidding on a commercial or wedding piece, it’s critical to remember why you are in this business before making the pitch.

We can only assume, that since you landed on this page, you aren’t in it to be a tripod. More likely, you have a deep desire to tell meaningful stories.

With our new course, the Business Side of Story, you’ll learn how to present your business using the Muse process.

You’ll learn how to practically apply the storytelling process to your unique business, ensuring you attract the kind of work you’re most interested in making, and are empowered to do just what you got in this business for: to tell remarkable stories and connect with your audience.

You’ll be provided tools to pinpoint exactly the kind of filmmaker you are or would like to be, craft your own remarkable story, attract the right kind of clients for you, and intentionally set expectations that lead to those meaningful and thoughtful client relationships we’re all looking for.

Furthermore, you’ll be given access to downloadable worksheets to assist in applying these models to your own business.

You’ll even get to see a real pitch video Stillmotion delivered to a client that landed them a six-figure gig. See real creative briefs, storyboards, and every major milestone along the way.

Creative Pitch in the Business Side of Muse

The Business Side of Story has several powerful modules:

  • Attracting the Right Clients. Don’t we all want this?
  • Developing Your Brand Keywords. This is a HUGE step in getting clarity for yourself, your team, and your clients.
  • Journey Mapping. Build your brand’s 5 Keywords into a tangible representation of who you are.
  • Crafting Your Own Story. Story connects more than facts and figures. Learn how to tell your own story in a powerful way.
  • Presenting Muse to Your Clients. We’ll share how we pitch the process and the key milestones we take clients on. Complete with actual documents from big-budget commercial work.

The Business Side of Story is a completely separate course from our Muse course, costing just $197.00. Enrollment is not currently open. 

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