why we do this

As filmmakers we have more than just an opportunity— we have a responsibility— to tell stories that matter. Stories that can transform people, culture, and the world.


Story is the most powerful form of human communication. And film is one of the strongest ways to tell a story. 

As filmmakers, we have the unique ability to bend space and time, to bring a greater truth to people in a way that is deeply felt and drives action.

Here's the truth: you're already a storyteller.

We're all born as storytellers. It's in our DNA and is a part of how we make meaningful connections. Our goal, therefore, can't be to simply be a storyteller. We've achieved that by the age of 2 or 3.

Our goal needs to be much bigger.

We must seek to become masters of our craft.

We need to deeply understand the ancient language that is story. We need to know how to listen deeper to see what nobody else has. In so doing, we can take the lived experience of another human and transport our audience into another world, into their shoes, in a way is emotionally felt while compelling them to take action.

It's our goal with Muse Film School to create an incredibely powerful experience that can help you become a master in the craft of storytelling.

The world needs your stories.

meet your instructors

Patrick Bio.png

Patrick Moreau

Founder of Muse + Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker

I believe that who you trust with your education is an incredible honor and responsibility.

I do this because I know that this program, with the proper effort, is nothing short of life-changing.

You should love the films you're creating. You should get well compensated for your time and perspective. And your work should make a mark. This is what I want for you. And I believe that myself, the Muse team, and this program can get you there.

As your lead instructor, I bring a decade of filmmaking experience that includes creating four feature-length documentaries, Emmy Award-winning work for brands like CBS, Showtime, Apple, and the NFL, and the great privilege of working on educational initiatives with brands like Canon, Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

Kat Bio.png

Kathryn Giroux

Story Strategist

Whether I was stepping into the role of English teacher or traveler—of refugee services coordinator, volunteer, or friend—I’ve spent most of my life listening, trying to deeply understand the people and world around me, embracing any new character or narrative I might encounter.

Because long before I became Muse Storytelling’s Story Strategist, I knew that stories were our most powerful tool to transform generations.

Today, I’m devoted to the continual development of our storytelling university. I feel most inspired when I can help others harness the power of story to connect people to the things they care about, and create a lasting impact in their communities.


Madeline Saporito

Head of Production at Muse Storytelling

I love working on stories with purpose and honesty. I care about what a story (or you could even say package) can give our audience.

As a producer, I get to empower our whole team to share stories that truly matter. With all the hard work a production demands, that purpose drives me to do everything I need to make something exceptional.

Behind the scenes, I love that I get to build great relationships with really good people. What we create together inspires me to be a better human and learn new ways of thinking.